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Since Star Wars The Old Republic came out last December millions of gamers have been buying and loving it. Star Wars The Old Republic or SWTOR as it's called online, has become an great success. Being based on one of the most favorite and successful science fiction franchises in the world this game will be popular for years to come. Star Wars the Old Republic Trailer Review

SWTOR takes place thousands of years prior the events in the Star Wars videos. In this period of time there are two main factions the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Both factions had been at each other's throats for centuries. That was until the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant, which ended all hostilities among the factions. This treaty was lightly unveiled, as fights still went on in parts of the galaxy.

When you create your character you will have to evaluate which faction to play for the Republic or the Sith Empire. Each faction is made up of four classes, and each class has two advance classes to select. Some of the classes you can pick from are Jedi Knight, Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, and Sith Warrior. As you can see there are a lot of class options to pick from in Star Wars The Old Republic.

Your Star Wars The Old Republic character can also select what species it wants to be. Some of the species you could be are Human, Zabrak, Twi'lek, and Sith just to name a few. There are a ton of customization options that you can pick from so your class is unique. There are also huge amounts of clothing and armor options available to your toon in Star Wars The Old Republic.

Companions are another great attribute of Star Wars The Old Republic. You will pick up different companions as you journey the galaxy. Companions will aid your character in armed combat by either fighting at your side or healing you. What's great is you can alter what your companion looks like as well as how they aid you in battle. You companions can also craft items and do crew skills for you were they gather up crafting resources. You can also give your companions gifts, and some companions have the choice to be a romance interest for your toon. See page

Now what Star Wars game would be complete without space flight? The space battle in this game is very cinematic and very gratifying. Each class gets their own ship and you can upgrade your ship as you advance through the Star Wars The Old Republic. Some other exciting characteristic of this game is Flashpoints. Flashpoints are story missions you team up with other players. Flashpoints have great boss fights and best of all great loot. The multiplayer environment within this game is called Warzones. One type of Warzone has you capturing objectives while the other has you playing a soccer like game known as Huttball.

Well as you can see Star Wars The Old Republic has a lot of great components. Bioware the organization that created the game is doing a great job of maintaining the game by making patches and new content on a normal basis. Because of that Star Wars The Old Republic will be a smasher for years to come.

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