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I've never read a book in screenplay format before, I steered of HP and the Cursed Child for that extremely reason clear. For Potterheads concerned that Fantastic Beasts will undoubtedly be another Harry Potter fan fiction that messes together with your view of the initial characters, fear not. Fantastic Beasts happens decades before little Harry was created, and involves very different themes. While the original HP collection revolved around one hero and his fight the all powerful YOU UNDERSTAND Who, Fantastic Beasts seemed more lighthearted without being childish.

This specific cast of characters was a pleasure to get to know. I loved viewing Muggles apart from the Dursleys in the wizarding world. There's Newt Scamander, a magic zoologist, loveable and dorky. There's Jacob Kowalski, a bumbling Muggle swept up in the mess, learning about the magical world once we do. And then there are Tina and Queenie, beautiful, talented, kindhearted and charming sisters, stuck in menial jobs in the wizarding world and wanting more.

This screenplay is wonderful because we get to visit the rich detailed wizarding world again. It was wonderful to see the magical creatures Harry learned all about on the written page again. It was wonderful feeling that feeling of anticipation opening a fresh Rowling novel once again knowing you won't be able to do anything but read for the next 8 hours. The have fun with was fun, witty, and just brilliant. The hardcover copy is attractive and will go well with my hardcover copies of the original HP series. I would recommend this publication to new HP readers and Potterheads alike definitely.

Read Online Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them The Original Screenplay Book

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