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The advertising promises sometimes too easily: a perfect chef's knife. But can we really agree with this superlative? What makes a tool in the kitchen kind of perfect and can there be any objective criteria anyway? A search with back and forward look ...

The chef's knife manufacturers around the world, they strive to make their kitchen knives in one way: In absolute perfection. But that can mean many things: perfect cutting, perfect aesthetics, perfect ergonomics and perfect balance of handle and blade. Just a quality chef's knife from the slightly higher-priced segment has more facets than you think. Facets, which are important if one seeks as a blacksmith the optimum. Only in the sum they give probably something special that makes the difference to a traditional chef's knife.

Heat, which lasts as long as possible and look attractive, which in turn after a much smaller use yet as the day is: These are almost classic chef's knife Blacksmithing that you are looking from the beginning to improve always. Since the Stone Age, man has used sharp objects as aids and tools. First, even stone - later quickly from much more resistant metal, such as bronze, iron or steel. While still standing at the beginning of the chef's knife as a pure commodity in the center, gradually was added and the artistic value.

Especially in the Middle Ages, some copies were into real art objects that had an ideal, but also invaluable material value. With the achievements of modern times, especially with the industrialization in the 18th century then getting better grades of steel could be achieved, who came to the chef's knife forging to Good.


Perfection lays in the details of a chef's knife

Modern chef's knives are still in the dualism between functionality and aesthetics. Handle, ferrule and blade form a unit. Remain the properties of the steel used are critical to the quality of the blade, on which depends the attainable hardness and sharpness. Also, the material of the handle is important factor.

Perfection as a whole can be naturally achieved only with difficulty, because it lays in the word origin for perfection or completion: something that cannot be improved any further.

This is contradicted in the cooking area knives mere fact that even today still bring innovations always better technical process with them. And also in terms of materials / material research, time does not stand. So carbon steel blades are now made stainless steel with special coatings. So blade always achieve new levels of hardness and always more long-term durability of the sharpness.

The creativity of the chef's knife forging plays still play a key role - and the passion for the cause. Perfection is achieved This probably less as a whole, because this absolute state, there is simply no, but probably in every single production step, which is done with attention to detail.

Blades, handles – a matter of taste?

But in the end it is a matter of taste and subjective feeling, which chef's knife is considered perfect. It depends on the preference of the cook / chef from the, from the specific style of work in the kitchen of the application and of course the claims that everyone is a chef's knife. For some this might be a possible handy and effortless guide for the other counts of field and sharpness again - if only for a single cut. For the third turn, it comes to the exceptional optics, for example, of a curved Damascus. You spend lots of money for their chef's knife, which some people do not use, but as collector's items is in the display case. The middle of all this will be not wrong both in production and in use: Perhaps the perfection of a chef's knife is most likely even from the correct balancing of all the potential of today's chef's knife blacksmithing.

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