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To stand out in a competitive job market, it's important to demonstrate to a hiring manager you bring the requisite work experience, skills, and expertise that your graduate degree represents. The two most important factors employers cite when selecting candidates interview are ability to perform (76%) technical or quant skills (54%). Employers also regard past work experience to be one of the strongest of future employment success. Of those we surveyed in 2014, employers expect new MBA hires to have a median of four years of prior experience, double the number of prior years' they expect from non-MBA business grads from accounting, management, or finance programs, for example.

The MBA is a significant financial investment for a business professional, but the rewards can be very worthwhile, as your career chances after an MBA are likely be greatly enhanced. In fact, the MBA Careermarket been improving in recent times. Figures from GMAT show that 75% of employers from around the world plan to hire recent MBAs in 2014, compared to just 71% in 2015. Of course an MBA is not a guarantee of a job; it can just help to open doors. And the GMAT survey that 56% of employers still consider prior experience to be extremely when choosing between business school MBA talent

Help with work visa Visas If you need to apply for a work visa to take up in employment in the Netherlands or any country in the world, a MBA can help to show that you are a highly candidate. And as a general rule thumb, the more educated you are, the more chance you have of qualifying for a work visa for a country, so your internal career chances after an MBA are enhanced dramatically.

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